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In Fazil Pay we believe that things don't have to be complicated to work properly, and thatimportant things don not have to be boring or difficult.

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Fazil believes in digital humanization

We seek to build digital solutions for our daily lives, simplifying money management with technology and products thought for and by real people.

Using collaboration, innovation, and creativity, our purpose is turn the difficult into something easy.

Digitization shouldn't keep us away of the things that make us human, should help us connect in a positive way to our environment.

Digital products must beef up human relations.

Digital services must be designed to be natural, reliable and honest.

Financial products should empower us to take our personal finances with greater control and peace.

Every person is capable of leading a healthy financial life.

What is turning the difficult into something easy?

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# New Generation

At Fazil, we believe in the new generation of ideas and values, which is not necessarily limited by age.

We are part of this new way of seeing the world, of giving value, of environmental priorities and sustainable solutions, of those who dare not only to imagine a different world, but also to get down to work.


We are passionate about the emerging realities of the digital world, their implications and the positive effect they will have on our daily lives.

We use these technologies and mindsets to create financial products and services that allow us to easily navigate these new worlds.

The vision 👀

Fazil dares to do things differently, always seeking the good of the consumer and how they can be empowered to have greater ease and affinity between their physical environment and their digital world.

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Our team

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Between the internal team at Fazil and Interaktell (from Bilbao) we are approximately 10 people working to move Fazil forward. We also have a developer with WEB technologies (Javier Pascual Merino), who works remotely from Madrid.

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Dear Boomer

If you see that easy is not for you, you will always have the classics...

Those old glories that they have their bank branches, You already know how they work and they will not take you out of your comfort zone. 👴🏽