We pay you for buying!

Very simple, you spend at a partner store and when paying you receive a % of the purchase back in your account.

What's #cashback?

It's a financial reward in your account that we provide you when you spend at an associated businesses.

You can now enjoy the privilege of #cashback with your Fazil card in hundreds of online and offline businesses.. We pay you to spend.

How to start receiving #cashback for your purchases with your Fazil card?


Create your Fazil account in 4 minutes

4 minutes, neither one more nor one less if you have your ID card with you.


Download the Woowbe app

Here you can see which are the associated businesses both online and offline, have a look to your historical transactions, pending and future cashbacks.


Associate your Fazil card in the Woowbe app

Do it just one time and it's very simple: go to Rewards / Link card / Fazil, follow the steps (1 minute) and… Done!


Buy in associated stores

Nike, Vans, Timberland, Hoff… All brands! With up to 25% of cashback!


Receive your cashback in less than 24 hours

In purchases with a refund possibility, the cashback will be made after the return period, so if you have thought about buying some shoes, receiving cashback and returning the shoes, we thought about it beforehand and we are sorry, you will not be able to make it.

Where to enjoy your cashback

Go out to eat and enjoy

We offer you a selection of businesses with which you can easily find a place where you can eat something and get rewards.

Your purchase in the supermarket

It will make up for you to go to the supermarket next month when you recover part of the amount of your purchase with Fazil.

Discover amazing places

If you are going on a trip, do not forget to check if you can book your accommodation with Fazil/Woowbe and enjoy the reward at your destination.

Merchants associated with #cashback

And many more...

Dear Boomer

If you see that easy is not for you, you will always have the classics...

Those old glories that they have their bank branches, You already know how they work and they will not take you out of your comfort zone. 👴🏽