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After the success of our first collective capital round through Crowdfunding Bizkaia, we are opening a second round to private investors through Crowdcube, the most relevant Equity Crowdfunding platform in Europe.

If you like Fazil and you believe that the future of banking is 100% digital, you can become an investor in a few minutes.

Capital at risk

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About Fazil

Fazil is the new way of managing your day-to-day finances. It offers an account and a Visa debit card to which you can add money from any other account and start paying your daily expenses with your phone. 

Fazil will reward you with cashback in more and more stores.

We resolve some doubts that you might have if you consider investing in Fazil.

The majority of banks and neobanks seek their users to direct payroll and monthly bills and compete to attract customers with excessive acquisition costs. 

At Fazil we opted for a business model that seeks to increase the happiness of users by rewarding their happy day-to-day spending through Cashback. This means that we do not compete for you to bring your salary (although you can also), but because you pay your day-to-day expenses with your phone. Therefore, we do not compete against traditional banks, but we complement them so that you can have greater order and improve your financial health.

It is an anglicism that has come to stay and simply means that we give you money back for buying.

The operation for the user is very simple:

  1. You review the businesses with which we have Cashback agreements (there are already more than 2,000).
  2. You buy with your Fazil card at the merchant.
  3. You receive a % of the purchase in your account instantly (in products that can be returned, it is entered at the end of the return period).


It is a model in which the merchant wins since we communicate it among our community of users. The user wins because he receives money in his account after each purchase. At Fazil we win because we keep a small commission from that cashback after each purchase.

Until now, we have focused on generating an attractive product and validating its use. We recently began to implement the first ways of monetization under the philosophy of not charging our users for the regular use of their accounts. Some of the models are:

  1. Cashback: we commission % of the amount that the store pays us for each purchase.
  2. Marketplace: We reach agreements with third parties that sell products that we see add value to our users. We get the best possible price and if our users buy, we keep a commission. These are energy products, insurance, mortgages or currency exchange, among others.
  3. Fazil Crypto: Coming soon. We will launch the easiest and most intuitive way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Fazil Crypto. Like many cryptocurrency exchanges, we will charge a fee of between 1% and 2.5% for each buy-sell operation.

In just one year of life, more than 5,000 people already have a Fazil card, having operated more than 13 million euros from their accounts. This is an average accumulated volume much higher than that of the competition. This is because Fazil does not bet on the technique of "giving away money" to increase the number of new users indiscriminately, but instead bets on a good, simple and intuitive product that adds value to the end user on a day-to-day basis, achieving thus a high recurrence in the use and customer loyalty.

There are trains that only come once and this could be one of them. If you agree that:

  • The future of banking is digital
  • Years ago we had only one bank account and now we have several
  • The use of cash will continue to decline
  • 100% digital banking solutions are more resource efficient than traditional banks

Then you think like we think at Fazil. In addition, we know how to understand the needs of an increasingly digital world and we know how to reach the new generations because we are part of them.

Remember that investing in startups is considered a Venture Capital investment. This means that the risk is high but the potential multiplier of the investment is also high.

After the investment, we will seek to continue growing and optimizing the product. In addition, we will implement new features and income streams such as Fazil Crypto, company accounts and we will incorporate cashback in hundreds of new merchants. This has only started.

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Capital at risk


About Crowdcube

We resolve some doubts that you might have if you consider investing in Fazil.

The Crowdcube platform allows you to invest from €10 and up. However, the average ticket is over €1,000.

Become an investor in 4 clicks

In a few steps you can participate in the capital of Fazil through Crowdcube. Access the platform register as a user if you are not already one and invest with a card or with a transfer. To your liking!

More frequently asked questions

It will be released to the general public in April 2023. For our pre-registered friends, they will have exclusive access to invest on the platform 48 hours before the official date. We will notify you of the exact date a little before launching 😉

Equity crowdfunding occurs when a large number of people pool their money to support a business they believe in, through a regulated online platform.
We will contact you in the next few days with more information about our crowd raise, how to do it and what rights this gives you. Be sure to sign up early on Crowdcube; Seriously, don't wait until the very day. Tell all your friends to do the same!
A convertible is an equity investment in a company in which shares will be issued at a future date. Typically, the shares will be issued when the company completes a larger investment round.
Companies tend to obtain financing through a convertible as part of a broader financing strategy. A convertible allows a company to obtain equity financing without setting a valuation: the valuation will be set in the subsequent investment round or at an agreed valuation at a cut-off date.
The invested resources will be converted into shares when we close the future round of financing. Crowdcube will automatically contact Fazil to ensure the conversion occurs at the relevant point and they will email you when the shares are issued so you can download your beneficial ownership statement to your Crowdcube profile.

By investing in a convertible round, you are investing early in that company and the value of its shares is higher than at the close of the next round. Investors therefore get a discount on the valuation of the round when the shares are issued.

The terms of the convertible will offer you contractual protections and Crowdcube will liaise with the company to ensure that your investment is converted into shares according to the agreed terms and at the right time. However, it is important to remember that investing in a convertible carries the same level of risk as investing directly in shares of a new company and that interest, if any, is not guaranteed. Please read all risk warnings before investing.

By investing in a company through Crowdcube, you become a shareholder in the company. The percentage you acquire of the company will depend on the amount you invest and the percentage of equity the company issues in exchange for your investment. Once your investment is processed, you will receive a certificate of participation.

These are long-term investments that help the company grow more than it would if it were financed through traditional channels. 

Capital at risk

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest wisely

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