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Your money 💰is extremely protected at Fazil 🔐 since we deposit it in custody accounts owned by Pecunia Cards EDE These custody accounts are unbreakable 💪🏻 and are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund and are used solely to store the money of our clients, without being able to use your money as traditional banks do to make investments, trading, etc 🎰. We only keep your money in these custody accounts at banks such as Sabadell and Caixabank so that you can have your money whenever you need it. Pecunia Cards EDE is an electronic money institution regulated by the Bank of Spain, a pioneer in its sector that provides electronic payment services 🤑🤑🤑. 

Dear Boomer

If you see that easy is not for you, you will always have the classics...

Those old glories that they have their bank branches, You already know how they work and they will not take you out of your comfort zone. 👴🏽