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You can block 🚫 and unblock your card 💳 whenever you want in the Fazil app by pressing the “Freeze Card” button ❄️, in the “Card Settings” section. Remember that when you block your card in the app, it will also automatically be blocked in Apple Pay and Google Pay, so you'll have to reactivate it in the Fazil app to be able to make payments 😉.

When you block your card, you will not be able to use it for as long as it remains so. You can freeze your card as many times as you want, without penalty and for whatever reason you need. To use it again, you just have to go to your phone's settings and reactivate Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Dear Boomer

If you see that easy is not for you, you will always have the classics...

Those old glories that they have their bank branches, You already know how they work and they will not take you out of your comfort zone. 👴🏽