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the safety of Fazil complies with all security and encryption protocols. Each and every one of the transactions are encrypted and sent through SSL security protocols. In addition, to carry out each transaction, we will verify through our internal security protocols that it is you who is managing the transaction and it is not a third party.

On the other hand, we operate through the SSL (or TLS) digital certificate of banking operation, also WTLS protocol. The standards used are the PKCS#7 defined by RSA and S/MIME if the system is based on secure messaging. The authentication procedure consists of TRANSACTIONS BASED ON SET Visa, payment protocol par excellence for the practice of Retail Electronic Commerce. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) is a protocol that electronically emulates, through the use of certificates and digital signatures, the payment of goods and/or services by credit or debit card.

Regarding card payments in your online shopping you will have an additional plus of security with 3D Secure to avoid fraud.

Last but not least, we strictly comply with the PSD2, a European regulation that all banking and payment processing entities must comply with as of January 1, 2021. This implies, among many other things, that we ask our users for a double authentication factor when making transactions with your card, make money transfers or modify any data of your Fazil account.

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