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How does the Fazil App work?

The technological development of Fazil is based on the latest of the latest in web technologies, which is known as PWA (Progressive Web App). This means that it is not necessary to download a native application (from the Apple or Google store) to be able to use it, with all the advantages that this entails:

  1. You can add fazil to your mobile home screen as if it were a native app.
  2. You will be able to access your easy account anywhere in the world with just a web browser and your login credentials. All transactions are always encrypted by security certificates. SSL security.
  3. If you lose your mobile, you do not lose access to your account since fazil is not linked to a specific device. most of neobanks They are only based on a native App installed and this means that if you lose your mobile, you will not be able to access your account until you receive the duplicate of the card to be able to install the app again on another device.
  4. You will have the latest version of the application every time you access. Unlike native APPs that require downloading the latest update every time a new version is developed.
  5. We will be more agile in the development of updates since instead of having to develop 3 applications (ios, android and web), we generate a single APP compatible with all devices.

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